Project development

The second phase of Cybor World's development includes the development of its own blockchain Algorithm.

The Algorithm project is a reliable and secure decentralized platform for electronic data circulation. The Blockchain Algorithm takes into account all the shortcomings of previously developed blockchains and cryptocurrencies launched on them, and also takes into account all the desires of modern users.

The goal of the lgorithm project is to create an accessible and highly secure open source decentralized network (blockchain) to provide every user with the opportunity to participate, develop, share and develop.

The uniqueness of the Blockchain Algorithm is the fastest and safest (thanks to the use of the ZK-STARK cryptographic solution) information exchange along the shortest path (using Dijkstra's algorithm) with minimal transaction costs.

Based on the Blockchain Algorithm, each user can create and scale their own cryptocurrencies, as well as use separate software modules to develop their own projects using the White Label system.

The Algorithm platform has an adaptive infrastructure, thanks to which it can be used for almost any field of activity: trade, education, medicine, IT project development, information technology, security, logistics, certification, etc.

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