Cybor Security Crypto Asset Protection System

Cyborex platform is reliably protected from hacking, because uses modern online security algorithms. This was confirmed by an audit conducted by the world leader in cybersecurity - Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab is an international company specializing in the development of protection systems against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats. The company has been operating in more than 200 countries and territories around the world since 1990.

In addition, Cybor Holding has developed its own Cybor Security application for Cyborex platform users.

Cybor Security is a universal system for protecting personal data and crypto assets, an anti-phishing system to protect against theft of personal data when carrying out crypto transactions. AML system for checking crypto wallets for fraudulent activity (suspicious transactions related to illegal activity). Cloud data storage (distributed storage), a confidential messenger for closed (private) information exchange.

Cybor Holding does not stop there, the development of crypto asset protection systems is a separate product and is a priority task of strategic planning. The development of Cybor Security will allow providing crypto asset protection systems to users of third-party platforms around the world.

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