Cybor World is developed by Cybor Holding

Cybor Holding is a financial and technical company for the development and promotion of blockchain projects. The main direction of Cybor Holding is the professional creation of cryptocurrencies with subsequent listing on trading exchanges and integration into business projects.

Cybor Holding services:

  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Development of smart contracts
  • Development of crypto exchange platforms
  • Payment systems development
  • Development of crypto exchanges
  • Blockchain application development
  • Development of crypto wallets
  • Development of systems for the protection of crypto assets
  • ICO / IEO / IDO / STO, development and sale of tokens to attract investment in startups and existing businesses
  • Listing, placement of tokens on crypto exchanges
  • Integration / connection of payment systems and methods
  • Opening companies and bank accounts for crypto projects
  • Licensing of crypto projects
  • Legal services, consulting, outsourcing
  • Marketing, promotion of crypto projects
  • Monetization and work with sales
  • Technical support
  • Bringing crypto projects to new markets

Cybor Holding digitizes business projects, supports promising IT startups, unites technical teams that create and maintain a decentralized network.

What is Cybor World and why did we create it?

Cybor World is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected applications and services designed for your personal and business needs.

Cybor World's goal is to create a unified workspace where users can create, buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies in seconds, as simply as possible and without additional skills.

The basis of the Cybor World ecosystem is the Cyborex DeFi platform

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