Main task of the Cyborex DeFi platform

is to provide users around the world with the simplest, but at the same time, fast, modern, reliable, efficient and transparent financial toolkit for working with cryptocurrencies in a “single window”.

Cyborex platform is designed as a cryptocurrency aggregator. The system automatically tracks the best cryptocurrency rates, offering users the most profitable solutions. A single personal account of the user allows you to work simultaneously with several trading platforms at once.

In addition, the Cyborex platform provides comprehensive assistance and advice to project teams regarding the release and launch of tokens.

For business partners and users

will be developed and launched the following online services of the Cyborex platform:

Cyborex is an international tokenized asset trading platform

In addition to the fact that Cyborex is a decentralized crypto exchange, Cyborex is also a modern marketplace for highly profitable digital products that unites Internet entrepreneurs and ordinary users in the business community for mutually beneficial cooperation.

The goal of the Cyborex platform is to create markets for all relevant tokenized assets of modern business.

The sale of tokenized assets is carried out through the Launchpad crowdinvesting system on the Cyborex official website

Tokenization of company shares

Cyborex platform offers a full range of services for the development of tokenized shares, bringing crypto shares to the market, organizing sales of tokenized assets of companies.

Tokenized shares are securities converted into a digital security token using blockchain technology. A security token is backed by a real asset and tied to its value. It is impossible to forge such a digital share. Tokenized shares are considered more reliable assets for investors than regular tokens, as they are characterized by substantive rights.

One of the main advantages of security tokens over traditional financial products is the elimination of intermediaries in the form of banks and other organizations. This creates a completely different environment for investing and making deals.

Cryptocurrency development

In the process of tokenizing a business, an individual company token is created, its own cryptocurrency.

Cybor Holding for its business partners conducts an individual development of a liquid cryptocurrency for making transactions or trading using the Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, Solona, ​​Polygon, Tron protocol or "from scratch" based on its own blockchain, followed by listing on the Cyborex exchange.

Cryptocurrency listing

Listing is the procedure for adding a specific cryptocurrency to a trading platform (exchange). Listing a coin or token on the Cyborex crypto exchange means that users will be able to use it for their trading and investment operations - freely buy or sell.

Listing is an integral part of tokenization of a business, so listing of a token or cryptocurrency allows you to launch trading activity in the settlement currency of a blockchain project, invest in a token for new crypto investors, increase the liquidity of a crypto asset and, as a result, increase its attractiveness in the crypto community.

Listing on the Cyborex cryptocurrency exchange is the best way to raise funds and popularize your token, after which its liquidity and price will grow many times over.

Benefits of business tokenization

Tokenization is beneficial for both business owners and investors. Owners, through the sale of tokens, attract additional investments, and investors, in turn, receive a highly profitable investment product.

for business owners

  • effective fundraising
  • ICO / IEO / IDO / STO is much cheaper than IPO
  • ICO / IEO / IDO / STO launch is associated with much less paperwork than IPO
  • the opportunity to tell the general public about your brand and cryptocurrency
  • building an internet community
  • the opportunity to acquire early investors and use them as a marketing mechanism to promote the project
  • lack of regulation or registration by government authorities

for Investors

  • investors get better liquidity early on
  • early access to the token, has the potential for price growth
  • innovative way of capital allocation
  • transfer of investments from major cryptocurrencies to alternative
  • investment in ICO / IEO / IDO / STO can bring profitability of several thousand percent
  • diversification into other assets
  • investment with high returns, which is to some extent unrelated to the stock market and the economy
  • holding an alternative asset that is not tied to a fiat currency


Investments in a promising cryptocurrency allow you to quickly collect the necessary amount for listing a token on the exchange, which at one time contributes to the growth of the cryptocurrency rate and, as a result, brings profit to investors

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